Investment in Krosno Odrzańskie - plots directly on the bank of the Old Oder River.

Price: 280 000 zł

Location: These plots situated directly on the bank of the Old Oder River in Krosno Odrzańskie present a unique investment opportunity. This area is set to undergo extensive flood protection investments within the next three years, aiming to safeguard residents from floods like those in 1997 and 2010.

Flood Protection Investments: The construction of flood defenses in the lower part of the town is planned, increasing safety levels for over 10,000 Krosno Odrzańskie residents. Additionally, there’s an initiative to elevate the historic bridge, contributing to the protection of the city’s cultural heritage. Stairways and service roads will be made accessible to the local community and tourists, creating attractive walking and cycling paths.


Plot Descriptions:

  • Plot number 265/5 is an undeveloped agricultural plot, covering an area of 0.3788 ha.
  • Plots numbered 313/6 and 318/2 are undeveloped agricultural plots, with a total area of 0.8848 ha.
  • Plots numbered 315 and 320 are undeveloped agricultural plots, spanning an area of 0.6061 ha.


Potential: These plots, located in an area targeted for ambitious flood protection investments, have significant investment potential. They are perfect for building a holiday home or recreational land, where one can directly enjoy the charms of the river bank. Thanks to these investments, the place will gain in value, becoming the future “Venice” with beautiful pathways and staircases, making it an ideal spot for waterfront relaxation near the city.

Price: The cost for all the plots is 280,000 PLN.

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